Seriously, Why Not A Operation Ivy Reunion?

Dan Gibson | October 3, 2008 5:00 am

The L.A. Times music blog Soundboard, inspired by Rancid’s take on “Knowledge” during their show at the Henry Fonda Theatre, looks at the prospects of an Operation Ivy reunion. While Operation Ivy went nowhere fast when they were actually together in the late ’80s, the group’s popularity has risen significantly. Sure, it’s probably not cool to consider such an event, but the band’s members are all still alive (a significant plus) and performing music and a short Op Ivy tour would be a license to print money. I know the whole Rancid aesthetic has been to avoid the quick cash grab, however, the use of a Transplants track in an ever-present Garnier Fructis ad would seem to indicate they might be a little more agreeable to such a thing. Singer Jesse Michaels apparently wrote on his MySpace page that he believed a reunion was unlikely, for both logistical and aesthetic reasons, but rock doesn’t exactly have a retirement package, and a big check might help. I imagine the Coachella organizers have already made the phone call. [LA Times]