Songs: You Downloaded ‘Em, Now Tell Us About ‘Em

Jess Harvell | October 6, 2008 12:00 pm
Hi! So. Having spent half the year in a “no blog” zone, I’ve kind of lost track of that beast known as (semi-)popular music. (Seriously, I think the last new album I bought in a real live record store was the Portishead CD.) (Also I’m broke, like everyone else.) With that in mind, I’ve jacked Dan’s audience participation bit in order to ask you, the Idolator readership, to tell me one (newish) song I should check out to make the work day go faster. There are no restrictions on genre (tho I’m cool on contempo Xtian pop), artist (new or old), or level of related hype (even if you think they might end up getting a loldogz review six months from now). Links to MySpace sites or other places we can sample said artistes appreciated, though I guess we all know how to use Google at this point. Ready? GO.