Buzz Ballads 2: Scraping The Barrel To Sell You The Drama

Jess Harvell | October 6, 2008 10:00 am

Hey everyone, remember Buzz Ballads? The compilation of ’90s alt-rock (sorta) slow jams for the sensitive flannel owner in you? Almost a year ago I asked you to decide which “buzz ballad” was the worst of the bunch. (The winner, to refresh your memories, was Staind’s “It’s Been A While,” but there’s a reason we used the “Everybody Loses” tag on that post.) Well, those nostalgia-mongering sadists at Razor & Tie are back with…Buzz Ballads 2! Could things get ickier than Ed Kowalcyzk’s paean to placentas? Apparently yes. Join us, won’t you, in helping to decide which of the new crop of buzz bombs on this double-disc set is the worst of the worst.

To be fair, there are some good (maybe even great) songs on here. There are also some inexplicable ones. (“Sometimes Always” sharing space with Sister Hazel?) But which one should be wished into the alternative cornfield? The answer is up to you.

Buzz Ballads 2 [Music Space]