A few weeks ago, I posited my theory that Katy Perry had helped pave the way for Sarah Palin, but now The American Prospect‘s Adam Serwer has a better idea: he thinks Palin more closely resembles 50 Cent. Palin’s supporters “demand merit from others and only mediocrity from themselves, because said mediocrity is touted as proof of authenticity,” Serwer writes. “The conservative movement at this point basically reminds me of people who thought 50 Cent was going to be the greatest rapper ever because he had been shot nine times, not because he could actually flow. Let’s face it, 50 is wack. He’s wack like Sarah Palin is wack. But like Sarah Palin, he had a story that reflected the cultural values of realness and authenticity that Hip-hop fans had come to place above actual rhyming ability.” Somehow, “Drill, Baby, Drill” doesn’t seem to have caught on the way “In Da Club” did, but hey! There’s still a few weeks left, don’t’cha know say it ain’t so Joe Six-Pack hockey mom you betcha? [Tapped]