Beyonce Probably Watched A Lot Of “Sex And The City” While Writing This Song

noah | October 9, 2008 9:30 am
Our servers decided to get really drunk yesterday without telling us, which is why I’m just now posting the other new Beyonce song released 24 hours ago, “Single Ladies.” It’s a springy, lighter-than-air dance track, sort of like if “Get Me Bodied” had a second half that skipped right to the “revenge by going out after a rancorous breakup” portion of the relationship; Beyonce sing-songs “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it” to the recently jettisoned lover who, apparently, still wants her, based on the glances he’s giving her from across the room. Because, you know, getting married means that all the issues that led to their breakup would have never been an issue, right? Instead, the world would have just faded to black, the credits would have rolled, and everything would have been absolutely perfect. (Also: Shoes!!!!!) [YouTube]