Kiss’ Mr. Potato Head Line Was Made For Spudding You, Baby

noah | October 13, 2008 1:30 am

Why would one be surprised that Kiss had branched out into a line of branded Mr. Potato Head dolls? After all, they’ve hawked condoms, and coffins, and Barack Obama T-shirts, and coffee, and… well, the list goes on. But there’s something almost cuddly about these renderings of Kiss in spud form, a certain roundness that’s missing from the latest comic-book renderings of the group. And it’s making me want to force through a lot of puns involving Kiss song titles and various ways of serving potatoes–“I Love It Baked”? “Turn On The Broiler”? “Cold G(rat)in”?–but instead I’ll just show you the prototypes of the potatoes themselves, because really, the headline of this post alone is groanworthy enough.

I can’t wait to pair the Gene face with the Ace outfit. Oh, the sacrilege!

KISS Online [Official site; HT Rob Murphy]