John McCain Found Another Musical Supporter

Dan Gibson | October 14, 2008 12:30 pm

I really thought it was just going to be John Rich alone on an island supporting John McCain, but finally, someone else has come through to provide musical accompaniment for the last few weeks of the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign: Hank Williams Jr.

Here’s a clip of “McCain/Palin Tradition” live:

Not that the original “Family Tradition” was such a great song, but whatever dignity was attached to the track might have been stripped away by the lines “John and Sarah tell ya just what they think / And they’re not gonna blink / They don’t have terrorist friends / To whom their careers are linked.” Also of note, the Democrats are responsible for every problem ever, although such a sentiment isn’t terribly surprising coming from the singer of such hits as “If The South Woulda Won” and “If Heaven Ain’t A Lot Like Dixie”.

I was going to include clips of older/better Hank Williams Jr. tracks to wipe away the stink of his campaign song, but I realized that I don’t actually like a single Hank Jr. song, with the possible exception of “I Was With Red Foley (The Night He Passed Away).” Sadly, that’s not available on YouTube, so let’s just head back to the hard-drinkin’ days of his pappy and try to move on with our day.

“Cold Cold Heart/I Can’t Help It”

“Lost Highway” (audio only)

Hank Jr. Gets Rowdy for McCain, Palin [Pop Eater]