Kanye West: Still Bummed Out

noah | October 16, 2008 9:30 am

The newest track to leak from Kanye West’s forthcoming 808s And Heartbreak is “Heartless,” which has lyrics that sort of depict the “anger/grief” stage of breakup grief. Over a track that sounds like a calliope breathing its last before going up to that great circus tent in the sky, an AutoTune-assisted West takes his ex to task, comparing her to Dr. Evil and getting defiant about the possibility of her finding anyone else. West himself premiered the track on his blog, but if your workplace frowns on lots of pictures of women who seem to be recreating the original UK cover of Electric Ladyland–with wigs–you may want to check the YouTube embed we’ve placed after the jump.

VBKW 3 [kanYe West: Blog]