The Make Your Own Killers Cover Art Contest Comes To A Close

Lucas Jensen | October 16, 2008 6:00 am

Last week, given the recent similarities between Killers album/single covers, we posited that the Killers’ art team was just using Photoshop’s Stained Glass filter on some pre-existing images to make them. Of course, we were wrong, as was pointed out to us a number of times (it’s actually the work of Paul Normansell). These factual inaccuracies didn’t stop us from forging ahead with our The Make Your Own Killers Cover Art Contest, wherein intrepid graphical warriors used a Killers logo, the Stained Glass filter, and their imaginations to craft Killers record covers that could fool the band themselves*! Our favorites, including the winner, after the jump.

Tim’s two entries weren’t too far off from the real thing, though he took a decidedly National Geographic route:

We see what you did here, Lila:

Jon is disqualified for not using the filter, but gets Special Recognition for his derring-doo:

I wish that Alex’s entry was the next Killers’ cover:

That Guy brown-nosed his way into our hearts:

James manipulated an ancient classic (and more dogs):

So…who is the winner?

Well, we like to think that we’re all winners here, but honestly? We liked James’ “dogs playing poker” entry the best. Yay! You win the satisfaction of a job well-done. And a trip to the Dollar Tree if you’re ever in Athens, Ga., and you can find me. Scout’s honor.

* OK, probably not.