Axl Rose’s Plan To Make You (And Your Friends) A Pepper Revealed

noah | October 17, 2008 10:00 am

The one thing that people always ask me about the really for real this time forthcoming release of Chinese Democracy, even if they’ve never listened to Appetite For Destruction in full: “So wait, does this mean I’m going to get a free Dr Pepper?” Well, according to a spokesperson for the plum soda, it does! Although the process of getting said beverage will be a little more labor-intensive than finding a can of it in your mailbox on Nov. 25, alas.

According to a spokesperson for the company, full details of Dr Pepper’s rollout plan won’t be released until Guns N’ Roses go on the record about the release date, despite the fact that Best Buy has already begun taking online preorders for the disc. Best Buy will be the sole retail purveyor of the set, as part of an exclusive deal announced late last month. …

The Dr Pepper spokesperson told MTV News that, while additional details will be forthcoming, the company’s plan to distribute free cans of its product will involve some sort of an online coupon system. “People will go on Dr Pepper’s Web site and we will send them a coupon for a free one,” the spokesperson confirmed. “It’s going to be real easy.”

You know, I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t read the official blog for this initiative, since it pretty much tipped the Nov. 25 release date about a month or so ago. Oh well. I just hope the coupon is also good for the diet version. It mixes really, really nicely with rum!

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