Lindsay Lohan Has This Sarah Palin Thing Figured Out

mariasci | October 20, 2008 3:45 am

Sitting here makes me think about the fact that if Sarah Palin was in office, and living in Washington.. On a “slow” night, she would probably be dressing as one of the gossip girls or tina fey to try and “be cool” enough to get into this club.

I guess me thinking, and blogging about her gives her more attention and credit than she actually deserves.. but as Madonna says. “Express Yourself”

I guess! Of course, in Washington being Sarah Palin makes you way cooler than “one of the gossip girls”–and let’s all be honest here, having a Secret Service detail is pretty rad. Still!

Adds Linds: “this song has nothing to do with Palin .. fyi”

all grown up and .. an outsider for some nights.. [MySpace]