Behold: The Pliesroll, Brought To You By Some Bored Guy On The Internet

noah | October 21, 2008 2:15 am

This morning while doing my YouTube rounds, I found a clip claiming to have as its audio bed a high-quality version of Kanye West’s Tears For Fears homage “Coldest Winter,” so I–hoping to hear the song without all that peaking and radio static that nearly ruined last week’s leak somewhere around listen No. 10–clicked. But instead of “Coldest Winter, however, we’re treated to a video that fuses together a photo of Steve Jobs holding a pitcher of Kool-Aid, paparazzo shots of The Game and Snoop Dogg, and gunshot sounds in a way that’s seemingly inspired by both Paperrad and ransom notes.

Plies is in there, too. This will prove to be important later.

So I decided to click through to this guy’s channel page, and–surprise!–all of his videos have two stars or less. But he hasn’t let that get him down; video No. 2 was purporting to be a leak from Eminem’s new album. A song featuring Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent? Well, no. What I got instead was a track that succeeded in bringing together Eminem’s first catchphrase, speeded-up Daft Punk, and a kid getting hit in the head with a soccer ball:

To be fair, it’s much more tolerable than anything 50 could do at this point.

This guy also tried to start the Plies-roll, in which a YouTube user looking for new Dr. Dre material was treated to a song by Plies:

Unfortunately, this prankish behavior didn’t take.

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be like ChangeStyle, living in hope of fooling people into hearing his message through the selective deployment of freeze-frames. It’s sort of like a spammer, but without the Viagra (unless that’s in later videos–I didn’t watch them all). Part prankster, part Plies fan, part “person with way too much time on their hands,” ChangeStyle feels like he can only communicate with the YouTube community by freaking/faking them out. But why? Is it the gratification one can only get from comments like “not only does it sound horrible its out of time dickhead!” and “i cant believe this is fo real, but for some reason im laughin my ass off”? Or is dude really, really bored? Because if he is, I think he should just stick to one thing–the Pliesroll–and run with it. He could be Internet famous by, like, tomorrow if he just focused.

ChangeStyle’s Channel [YouTube]