Ticketmaster Figures Out How To Use The Phrase “Synergize Backwards Overflow” In A Sentence

Lucas Jensen | October 23, 2008 2:00 am

In a move that’s part and parcel with the continued “verticalization” of the music industry, the Ticketmaster is buying a controlling interest in Irving Azoff’s Frontline Management, which counts Christina Aguilera, The Eagles, Neil Diamond, and, oh yeah, Guns N’ Roses, among its clients. Azoff will continue on as manager of these acts. The move is a push-back against the growing management/promoter/ticket vendor chimera that is Live Nation–if Live Nation can get into the ticket-selling game and the ill-advised 360-deal game, the logic seems to say, well then so can Ticketmaster get into the management game. Seeing as how today has been “all GNR all the time” around here, I have a theory as to the timing of this move.

Right as speculation about Axl & Co.’s touring kicks into high gear, Ticketmaster buys into Azoff’s managing biz, scooping up the band as part of the deal. The still-theoretical-but-you-know-it’s-happening Chinese Democracy tour was probably the cherry on top, the thing that pushed the deal through. It’s a smart move on Ticketmaster’s part because they have the relationships, dough, and infrastructure to make this kind of relationship work, and now they potentially have their first marquee tour, right out of the gate. Plus they get the managerial experience and wealth of talent that Azoff brings with him. Well-played, Ticketmaster.

Man, I love the smell of synergy in the afternoon.

“Ticketmaster to Acquire Star Power in Azoff Deal” [WSJ]