Tough Break, Denizens Of The Coachella Message Board!

Dan Gibson | October 24, 2008 12:30 pm

Just as quickly as The Sun created a frenzy on the Coachella rumor front with an article proclaiming that the Smiths were close to reuniting for this year’s festival, NME comes along to dash those hopes with a post proclaiming that neither the band nor the festival were in negotiations.

Then again, considering the general reliability of information on the NME Web site–unofficial tagline: Where Up Is Often Actually Down–maybe Smiths fans should be booking their hotel room now. Either way, if you just can’t stand the idea of October coming to a close without some Coachella gossip, Goldenvoice has unveiled a blogwith festival honcho Paul Tollett posting that it “looks like” Portuguese act Buraka Som Sistema will be playing the festival.

While the message board types fill up nine pages with a discussion of the merits of Muse as a headliner, let’s just take a deep breath and relax until the somewhat inevitable dream crushing announcement of Jimmy Buffett as Sunday’s headliner for 2009.

The Smiths definitely not reuniting for Coachella 2009 [NME]