Scott Weiland Wants You To Justify His Love

noah | October 27, 2008 3:00 am

The (slightly NSFW) video for Scott Weiland’s “Paralysis,” the first clip off his forthcoming solo album Happy In Galoshes, is a weird blend of the clips for U2’s “Desire,” Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” and Madonna’s “Justify My Love” that in the end I guess is supposed to remind us that Mr. W. can still score some primo tail–and be existentially tortured by it.

As the oddly amelodic track grinds on, Weiland and his ladyfriend romp around in a hotel room and try to make communal smoking sexy; said ladyfriend stalks the streets of Los Angeles in a way that makes one wonder if she’s supposed to be some sort of golden-hearted hooker; Weiland dives nose-first into a pile of sheets (although it’s unclear whether or not his reasons for doing that are related to his former beloved’s scent or some inadvertent klutziness); he walks around California’s dustier parts a lot in search of a place to rest his head; and he gets his mouth licked in his sleep. If this were a video by an artist with a better sense of humor, that last lick would have been the result of an overly friendly pooch outside of dreamland, but alas.

Scott Weiland – Paralysis [Yahoo!]