MTV’s New Video Site: Hey, Viacom Is Sort Of Focusing On Music

noah | October 27, 2008 5:00 am

MTV has soft-launched, a music-video-only site where users can browse videos from the channel’s massive library–so if you missed, say, VH1 Soul’s all-New Jack Swing weekend these past couple of days, you can sort of recreate it on your own with just a few clicks. (I say “sort of” because New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” isn’t available yet. Why, Viacom, why?) Those of us who are bloggers/serial “funny music video as comment” message-board denizens will also be thrilled to find out that clips from such YouTube-embedding-averse labels as Universal Music Group are actually available for embedding on non-MTVMusic sites. Whether or not this will last is another matter entirely, but for now, I’m pretty thrilled. And finally, on a typographically geeky note, the house ads totally bring back Kabel Black, the video-chryon font that was dumped when MTV gave up on showing videos in toto during hours when the sun could conceivably be out in the continental US. Yay, videos! [MTV Music]