Janet Jackson: Less Sex Is More Publicity

noah | October 29, 2008 11:00 am

Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu Tour has been having a rough go of it lately, what with shows being canceled due to Jackson’s bouts with vertigo, LL Cool J’s departure from the opening slot, and rumors of lousy ticket sales. And now comes the latest insult: Jackson had to trim a three-song segment from her set list while performing in Detroit last night, thanks to Michigan laws that prohibit simulated sex in public places. “Janet did not want to disappoint her Detroit-area fans again,” Jackson’s manager Kenneth Crear told Billboard, “so we adhered to Michigan’s state ordinance and trimmed the ‘Discipline’ segment of the show so it would not be canceled.” Not to mention that the show would get more publicity for being “too sexy”! It’s just like the Super Bowl, except Jackson has a worse hairdo this time out. Anyway, Jackson apologized for the lack of sexiness during her show’s encore–but she didn’t mention that anyone who was feeling cheated by The Michigan Man could see the segment on YouTube!

Personally, I think the bored look on Jackson’s face is more “offensive” than any of the reheated Madonna moves Janet and her dancers are doing. But that’s just me.

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