Joaquin Phoenix Follows His Inner Dogstar

Lucas Jensen | October 30, 2008 12:30 pm

In a rather awkward exchange with E! Online, Joaquin Phoenix announced his decision to pack up his acting and head back to his new first true love, music. You know, the music that he’s loved to play ever since he learned how to strum the guitar for Walk the Line three years ago. It’s a hallowed path that young Phoenix takes, one blazed by the likes of Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Keanu Reeves, not to mention his siblings River and Rain. And as you remember, all of them were beloved by millions for their music. Welcome to the biz, Joaquin Phoenix! It’s a great time to climb aboard this ship!

He might have the help of his friends in Arckid, a.k.a. Spacehog, a.k.a. The Band That Had That One Dude Who Might Still Be Married To Liv Tyler But We Are Too Lazy To Check. OK, OK, “In The Meantime” was a good song. Still, Johnny Depp had the Butthole Surfers backing him up and we saw how that turned out!

Oh, Joaquin…you’ll always be Leaf to me. Jinx put Max in space!

I’m giving even odds that this retirement lasts under two years.

Is Joaquin Phoenix Retiring? [E! Online; HT: CHUD]