In The Eyes Of MTV, “Kazaa” Is Now Just As Bad A Word As “Shirt”

noah | October 31, 2008 8:53 am

Who knew that the names of nearly obsolete file-sharing services were considered dirty words by the bigwigs at MTV? Well, “Weird Al” Yankovic does now, thanks to the version of his Bill Plympton-penned video for “Don’t Download This Song” that’s on MTV’s new video-only site having the words “Morpheus,” “Grokster,” “Limewire,” and “KaZaA” dropped out of its lyrics. The bigger insult? MTV’s online standards and practices department didn’t even go the “dropping the vocal track when the offending words hit” route that has turned so many other pop songs into stutterfests–they actually stick in answering-machine-quality BEEPs, so you know something‘s being blocked from sensitive ears. I think this might be the first time that’s ever happened to the stringently PG-rated Yankovic. Yay, Internet? [TechDirt via Artists Paid]