The Scariest Piece Of Music News You Will Hear All Halloween (And Maybe All Year)

noah | October 31, 2008 12:45 pm

Billboard finally got wind of the rumor that Alter Bridge lead singer Myles Kennedy would be filling in for Robert Plant on the “half of Led Zeppelin plus the dead drummer’s son” tour that’ll bill itself as a Led Zep reunion to overly credulous classic rock fans next year, with anonymous “sources” feeding their reporters the same bits of speculation that Dee Snider was more than willing to blab about a few weeks ago. But buried at the very end of the piece is another reunion-related revelation that should chill your bones:

There may be one unintended side effect should Kennedy bolt Alter Bridge, which has released an album each for Wind-Up and Universal. That band features the non-singing members of Creed, who split with frontman Scott Stapp in 2004. But sources indicate there would be big bucks in a Creed reunion tour and that the band may indeed rise again.

The point about there being money in that tour is right on the, uh, money: Did you know that Creed’s Greatest Hits collection sold nearly 3,000 copies last week? And by “last week,” I mean “a week during October 2008”? And that total was actually down 11% from the previous chart? Creed’s 3,000 sales give them a higher one-week sales total than those enjoyed by the following albums:

Amy Winehouse, Back To Black (OK, the sales difference is six copies, but still)Alvin & The Chipmunks (2,900) Neil Diamond, Home Before Dark (2,800) Mariah Carey, E=MC2 (2,300) Pretty much any CMJ-feted band you could think of (trust me on this)

And the Gavin Rossdale solo album only outsold it by 150-ish copies. Creed/Bush ’09? Hey, it could happen!

Has Led Zeppelin Found Its New Singer? [Billboard]