What Album Would You Like To Write A Book About?

noah | November 3, 2008 1:45 am

The publishing house Continuum is apparently betting that there will be some sort of market for ink on paper in the next three years: It’s announced that it’s currently accepting proposals for its line of 33 1/3 books, in which authors can expound at length on a single album in any form they choose. Previous volumes have been written by Joe Pernice, John Darnielle, Douglas Wolk, and our own Matos; albums covered by the books have included Use Your Illusion and 69 Love Songs. So of course, the question becomes “what book would you pitch?” That’s, of course, given the series’ minimal constraints, which include “no doubling up on albums” and “one proposal per person per year” and “send everything in before the calendar flips to 2009.” I personally would be inclined to pick Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs, although how I’d improve on the stories told by Greg Dulli in the album’s lyrics would present its own exquisitely torturous challenge. [33 1/3]

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