Paramore Get Lost In A Forest

noah | November 3, 2008 9:30 am

Not being all that familiar with the Twilight series, I’m not sure what, exactly, is going on in the video for “Decode,” which is taken from the tie-in movie’s soundtrack, nor why this clip was powerful enough to render one YouTube commenter “*speachless*.” The song’s pretty OK, though–it’s a little bit darker than the band’s other material, perhaps so it can fit in with the whole vampire love story angle proffered by its matching material. But even if you’ve never read nor never want to read any of Stephenie Meyer’s works, “Decode” is particularly satisfying listening for a crisp autumn day. (Which may explain the gray palette and the forest setting.) (Although I guess you could argue that all of that is just more goth tropes at work. Anyway!) [MTV]