Videodrone Goes To Kenya

Michaelangelo Matos | November 5, 2008 5:00 am
In (even further) honor of our new president-elect, I thought it appropriate to scout out some music that, like Obama, has its roots in Kenya. Extra Golden is the obvious pick here–a band of Kenyans and Chicagoans, duh. And Extra Golden is a damn good band. But (a) Line Out’s Dave Segal already beat us to that one, and (b) there’s a nice little klatsch of videos by the late Kenyan benga great Daniel Owino Misiani and his Shirati Band. Misiani was one of the fleetest-fingered guitarists in the style; his output in the U.S. has been sporadic, though it’s not hard at all to recommend his album Benga Blast! A track from that, plus another actual video, follow the jump.

Daniel Misiani and Shirati Band – Joshirati Misiani [YouTube] D.O. Misiani [YouTube] D.O Shirati – SAFARI YA MUSOMA [YouTube]