Jimmy Page May Not Be As Convinced About Led Zep’s Robert Plant-Free Song Remaining The Same

noah | November 6, 2008 10:30 am

Speculation over whether or not Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and son-of-John Bonham Jason would tour as Led Zeppelin with another lead singer has been hot and heavy these past few weeks, with Jones even telling various audiences that the tour would go on, even if Robert Plant decided to not call off his upcoming two-year sabbatical. But Jones might have wanted to wait a while before shooting off his mouth, according to today’s issue of the British gossip newsletter Popbitch, which reported that “Page hasn’t quite been singing from the same songsheet. He got talking to a fan last week and said that he’d never tour without Robert Plant.” Who to believe? Either way, I’m sure Chris Cornell is still checking his voicemail, like, constantly. [Popbitch]