Michael Stipe Embraces Preppy Chic

noah | November 10, 2008 9:15 am

Ever in tune with fashion’s shifting winds, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has moved on from being a shirtless Marc Jacobs model to designing limited-edition, 150-euro polos for Lacoste. (That’s $192.72 at current exchange rates, FYI.) Yes, now you too can wear the same shirt worn by people who sneered at “college rock” in the ’80s, only this time it’s OK because the guy who put black bars over his nipples in the interest of making a statement about MTV came up with the design. Is this an example of irony, or is it just the circle of life? I can’t tell anymore.

Michael’s shirt is a two tone photographic image depicting a crowd at a stadium concert from the perspective of a performer on stage. The chaotic crowd image contrasts against colors of the Lacoste petit piqué fabric that both obliterates detail and accentuates silhouette. Michael’s image was originally in red as part of the Visionaire 54 Sport issue, a collaboration with Lacoste to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

“What many people do not know about Michael is that he is an accomplished photographer as well as a musician,” explains Cecilia Dean, co founder and editor of Visionaire. “This photo captures both of his sides: it was taken as a photographer while also a performer on stage.” Michael’s polo comes in three colors for men (green, grey and ivory) and another three for women (fuchsia, grey and ivory). Each is packaged in an LP album-inspired sleeve.”


I feel like I’ve seen this concept before… but I guess the shirt in that case didn’t have a little alligator on it.