Hilary Duff Reaches Out, Touches Martin Gore’s Wallet

noah | November 10, 2008 1:00 am
Hilary Duff’s holiday cash-in greatest-hits album comes out tomorrow, and one of the two new songs is the above “Reach Out,” which reaches Diddyesque heights with its bombastically obvious sample of “Personal Jesus”–right down to the lyrical re-inversion of the original track’s spin on Ma Bell’s old “reach out and touch someone” slogan. Apparently Ryan “OneRepublic” Tedder thought that his production work was enough for him to garner a co-writing credit on the track, even if said work just involved skipping a virtual needle over the first bit of Depeche Mode’s original. And the guest rapper rhymes “fire” with “desire”… sigh. Also of note: The video above is the “director’s cut,” because it shows the Duffster semi-suggestively sucking her thumb, dry-humping a statue, and trussed up in a mask like Erotica-era Madonna. You’ve been warned? [YouTube via Velvet Rope]