Britney Spears Sucks On A Balloon, Blows It In The Paps’ Face

noah | November 11, 2008 11:30 am
“Kill The Lights” is allegedly the second song from Britney Spears’ Circus to leak, although Spears’ voice sounds like it’s been processed through about fifteen “helium” filters before being laid on top of the Danja-produced track. (Oh, the days of “Gimme More” seem so long ago.) The lyrics are rife with references to paparazzi, although whether they’re about Britney’s still-complicated relationship with fame or her regrettable dalliance with the sex-tape-hawking Adnan Ghalib is still up for debate. (Well, OK, maybe not totally up for debate: “All the flashing / Trynna cash in / Hurts my eyes / All the poses / Out of focus/ I despise / F me over” certainly sounds like a slightly more pointed criticism than one that would be plausibly directed to the TMZ crowd.) [YouTube]