The Atlanta Thrashers’ Secret Weapon: Eurodance

Lucas Jensen | November 12, 2008 9:30 am
The world you live in is a crazy one, one in which three lowly Atlanta professional sports franchises are (gulp) winning games: the Atlanta Falcons are good (6-3); the Atlanta Hawks are good (6-0!); and the Atlanta Thrashers are, uh… hmmm, okay, the Thrashers are still kinda crappy, but at least they have won four games in a row. And according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Thrashers’ secret weapon is their new victory song, Basshunter’s “Russian Private Jet.”

The song comes courtesy of Canadian center Jason Williams, a recent signee who is the self-appointed “music guy” for the team. Basshunter is a Swedish DJ who has already weathered his own sex scandal and who specializes in what I imagine every nightmarish club in Europe plays on constant repeat. To be blunt, I can’t think of anything but that execrable dancing Six Flags Man when I hear this stuff. But if it can keep the Thrashers winning, I’m down for whatever.

I think we all know the secret to the Hawks’ success:

I ain’t gonna lie. I wrote this story so I could post that Hawks video.

‘Music guy’ keeps Thrashers on beat [AJC]