KristeenYoung And Patrick Stump Bring The Drama

Lucas Jensen | November 12, 2008 11:45 am

KristeenYoung* has teamed up with Fall Out Boy mutton chop master Patrick Stump for the dramatic duet “That’s What It Takes, Dear.” Under the supervision of the super-awesome Tony Visconti, “Dear” rumbles and thunders its way over spiky pianos and low synths to its going-for-it conclusion. It’s rather minimalist in arrangement, but big-sounding, which ain’t easy. I hate to pigeonhole, but there’s definitely a mid-period Tori Amos vibe here which is undeniable, particularly in its rhythmic construction. I don’t consider this a bad thing at all, and I’ve got nothing against melodrama, particularly in music that might have an outside shot at going mainstream. Young sounds like she feels it, and Stump, with some smooth walkdowns, is a nice foil. In a world of Vivian Girls and Coathangers, I like to hear people that sound like they give two craps. I approve. I’m also rooting for Patrick Stump, who seems an affable fellow and provides a welcome counterbalance to the the garish pretty boys of Alternative Press covers.

KristeenYoung feat. Patrick Stump – That’s What It Takes, Dear [MP3, link expired]

* The press release annoyingly insists that she is also a band, referring to KristeenYoung as “they” and “them” even though we all know who really wears the pants in the “band.”