This Song About A Hamster On A Piano Is Really Distracting Me From “Chinese Democracy”

noah | November 18, 2008 1:30 am
If you had told me, 10 years ago, that I would be unable to focus on the release of the new Guns N’ Roses album because I was transfixed by a song that was pretty much the equivalent of a Wesley Willis track about a popcorn-eating hamster sped up to 45 and attached to a video of said hamster performing that act–while on a piano key–I would have laughed. And yet, here we are. (And I don’t think the Wesley Willis comparison is all that inaccurate when you look at the other songs from Parry Gripp Song Of The Week, which have titles like “Cat Flushing A Toilet,” “Old Man Telling It Like It Is,” and “Chimpanzee Riding a Segway.” Parry Gripp’s repetoire of beats is a little wider than the late Chicagoan’s, but the intent, and the overall effect, are pretty similar at the core.) [YouTube / Parry Gripp Song Of The Week]