Brokencyde’s Crimes Against Ears Are Pretty Clear

noah | November 20, 2008 10:30 am
Today’s Viral Video Endurance Test comes via the “Albucrazy”-based band Brokencyde, whose video for “FreaXXX” has been causing many an out-of-the-demo Internet surfer to grasp their cheeks, Home Alone-style, in horror at what the mashup era hath wrought. Brokencyde is the sort of band that thinks referring to itself as “crunk” is still funny, that supports MySpace “celebrity”/professional Internet beefer Jeffree Star on tour, that has guys showing off their abs in their top-friends slots, and that credits one of its band members with providing “cheeseburger” in its own MySpace bio. Jessica Hopper probably described the track–which, you probably noticed, has the “XXX” in its title in all-caps, because then it’s like a porno DO YOU GET IT–best:

“the best worst best worst no way this is real but oh my god how could it not be bizarro-world where a band has formed with a get rich quick scheme/unholy trinity combining nu-rave with screamo and qua rapping with vocoder into a single song that is like a deadly vortex of everything that has existed in non-country pop music in the last 18 months and then mixed in some heinous sub-Cobrasnake-skank vibes and filmed it.”

Seriously, it’s like a Hipster Runoff tribute video made by people who don’t really get that blog’s jokes. Or maybe who get them too well? Anyway, I made it through to about the 1:45 mark, and I dare you to beat my record. personally. Also, according to the video’s production company:

6. There was no drinking of alcohol on set. The bottle you see seven drinking from….that’s apple juice believe it or not!

See? Some types of stupid can’t be brought on by inebriation. (Also, I give it three months before this song somehow legit makes it big after being used in an ad for, like, Skins or something.)

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