Goth-Punk Barbie Proves That Even The Most Punk-Rock Fifth-Grade Girls Aren’t Safe From Mattel’s Oppressive Standards Of Femininity

noah | November 26, 2008 1:45 am

Dressed in a black and red goth glam ensemble, Hard Rock Goth Punk Barbie® features a short ruffled skirt, fish net stockings, fingerless gloves and a lace up corset accented by a silver “spider” necklace and earrings. An exclusive Hard Rock® Collector Pin and electric guitar (a replica, of course) complete the look.

Consider this my Thanksgiving present to all of you–well, my tipping you off, anyway, since each doll costs $70 (!!) and there’s no way that I have enough scratch to afford that present. (And no, my mother probably wouldn’t have allowed me to bring this into the house until I was at least 13. Or maybe 14, even–she was pretty strict!)

Goth Punk Barbie [Hard Rock Rock Shop; HT Evie Nagy]