“American Idol”: The Anemic Audition Turnout Takes Its Toll

noah | December 1, 2008 9:45 am
The American Idol franchise has been flailing, with gently deflating ratings and fewer people showing up for the audition cattle calls, so the powers that be over at 19 Entertainment have decided to go the “sexy” route in their first round of ads for Season Eight, with a tone-deaf girl who’s apparently making up for her bikini’s lack of coverage with extra attitude. And yes, she emerges from the audition room with a golden ticket, although it’s unclear whether or not she’s being invited to the Hollywood round or to a job fair held by a nearby Hooters. This ad, which should blend in with the beer commercials during Fox’s NFL games nicely, is being paired with a spot glorifying David Cook’s victory in May—the first time an Idol winner has been featured in ads for an upcoming season, and a study in how one’s image can be whipped into shape during the course of a few months. (Although dude seriously needs to tone down the eyeliner.) Maybe there’s hope (and some clothes) for you yet, Bikini Girl! [YouTube]