Annie Tosses Island Records Aside, Like It’s Yesterday’s Gum

noah | December 1, 2008 2:45 am
After seeing her album Don’t Stop put into endless turnaround despite it leaking over the summer, the Norwegian retro-popper Annie has announced that she’s leaving Island Records: “I think it’s a great label, but I never felt they were that positive to my ideas…so we decided that we’re not gonna work together anymore. After Nick Gatfield, who was the head of Island left the label…a couple of months after I signed, things changed. I’m an artist with lots of ideas, plans…so I’m gonna do things my own way from now on.” The first order of business under “her own way” is putting out a single on knob-twiddler Richard X’s label. hurrah. Maybe now that she’s left the label, someone will put an embeddable copy of the “I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me” video up on YouTube? (Ha, hahaaha. Just kidding.) [Annie’s MySpace Blog via Pitchfork / YouTube]