The Creed Reunion Is Almost A Go!

mariasci | December 1, 2008 4:00 am
Scott Stapp! Scott Stapp! The name like music to the ears of any red-blooded American. And now, it looks like that Creed reunion is actually going to happen!

Scott Stapp: wife abuser, sex tape maker, drunken lawsuit loser, and fake-date victim. (Remember that? When a bunch of kids in Florida tricked Stapp into coming to a Denny’s in Gainesville in hopes of getting laid? Classic.) Anyway, the point is, Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy might be singing for something that won’t be called Led Zeppelin but will involve John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, so “there are ‘significant dollars’ on the table for a Creed trek, according to sources close to the situation,” according to Billboard—even though we’re now officially in a recession. And “following a recent USO tour performing for American servicemen oversees, Stapp is said to be in prime physical and mental condition,” which means he got a haircut maybe? Of course, this will all probably be very profitable and well-attended and that will be really depressing. Anyway, congratulations Scott, I’m sure you couldn’t be happier.

Creed Hammering Out Reunion Details [Billboard]