The Macarena: The Song That Will Never Go Away

Dan Gibson | December 2, 2008 11:00 am

Los Del Rio’s “Macarena,” despite being one on the most irritating songs ever created and a constant curse on the ears of anyone who is forced to attend multiple elementary school dances each year, is a nice success story for an Andalusian folk act with 40 years of toil in the notoriously tough Spanish music biz under their belts. Apparently the money from 14 weeks at No. 1 ran dry, because they’re back, and ready to party like they’re turning 15.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “new” Macarena.

The relaunch of the Macarena is in part an attempt to piggyback off the phenomenon of Quinceañeras, which are lavish parties thrown for 15-year-old girls of Latino descent. However, I can’t exactly tell what aspect of those occasions has been incorporated into the new Macarena. The whole thing has been sexed up a bit—which, if connected to the 15th birthday thing, creeps me out to no end.

But, hey, Jon Secada’s involved!

Currently, Los del Rio are in the studio with multiple Grammy Award winner Jon Secada producing the new version of Macarena. A nationwide search for the Next Macarena Girl is planned as part of a TV Special tentatively entitled “En Busca de Macarena” or “Searching for Macarena” in English. “I have had the privilege of writing hits for Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and myself among others,” says Jon Secada, “and now I have the privilege of writing and producing for Spanish icons Los del Rio. This is my first project producing under my company ‘Secada Productions,’ and it feels great to know that I am working on a hit.”

Secada’s track, as far as I could tell, turned out to be another remix of “Macarena.”

Still, the creative team behind Los Del Rio have high, high hopes (or an impossibly low view of both the Latin music scene and the Grammys).

“Los del Rio have played at the Super Bowl half-time show, done every major television show and even had president Bill Clinton dance the Macarena. Their new album celebrates 15 years of Macarena & 40 years of Los del Rio and features some really cool collaborations, but it is all a big surprise so stay tuned,” adds Darius Jordi Lassus. “Los del Rio have sold millions and received several accolades, including a World Music Award, we are now focusing on the Grammy.” Incidentally, Antonio & Rafael are already working on a song titled “A Por El Grammy.”

A World Music Award and working with Jon Secada aren’t enough? Maybe it’s time to step aside, Los Del Rio, and let someone else enjoy a taste of fame.

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