Cobra Starship Are Everywhere That You Go

noah | December 3, 2008 11:30 am

In the wake of my continual pondering over whether or not Chinese Democracy is the Snakes On A Plane of music in 2008—in that its endless discussion on the Internet far outweighed its commercial success, although then again Snakes didn’t have the whole issue of a not-all-that-excited retail outlet to further block its path toward profitability—here’s the new video by Cobra Starship, whose theme song for the Samuel L. Jackson-and-pythons flick can still Velcro itself to my cranium now and again. “Kiss My Sass” is a little herky-jerky slice of synth pop with lots of attitude (and a cute video to match), and I swear if someone marketed this song to bloggers under a different name it would shoot up the Hype Machine like that. [MySpace via AbsolutePunk]