No. 67: Parry Gripp, “Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)”

noah | December 11, 2008 10:00 am

The day that Chinese Democracy leaked should have been sorta-momentous for me. Here was an album that had been part mythical creature/part butt of many a joke/part go-to source for my day job for years and years, and it actually sort of existed! But as it turned out, 15 years of Axl Rose’s trials weren’t nearly as compelling as a high-pitched voice, a few errant handclaps, and a clip of a tiny baby hamster reclining on a piano key, eating a kernel of popcorn that was as big as his head.

I defy you to listen to this track—by the Internet meme-scoring outfit Parry Gripp—without getting a huge smile on your face. Yes, the Smoove B-ish rap is a bit silly, but the ebuillence of the helium-flooded vocals, and the background “whoa”-ing, are some of the most joyous, and joy-inducing, bits of music I’ve heard all year.

How much do I love this track? So much, it gave me a new away message:

I just hope that anyone who receives said autoreply will think that I’m off somewhere relaxing, and listening to a ridiculously giggle-inducing song while munching on some popcorn. (It’s probably better than the alternative, honestly.)

“Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)” [YouTube] Parry Gripp [Official site] 80 ’08 (and heartbreak)