R. Kelly Gives Obama A Bit More Illinois-Based Trouble

Dan Gibson | December 16, 2008 10:45 am

As if an association with Lego-haired Governor Blagojevich wasn’t quite enough hassle for President-elect Obama these days, R. Kelly was nice enough to get into the fray with a tribute track called “I Believe,” which is available on iTunes today. While I’m sure Obama appreciates all the support he can get, unfortunately, “I Believe” is barely worth the time it took me to download the track for free from iTunes. Half the sentiment seems recycled from the similarly titled “I Believe I Can Fly,” but besides that, will.i.am really beat Kells to the punch on this whole market and for Robert to bring such weak material after the bandwagon has passed is a little disappointing. There were so many possibilities just from his previous (better) material: “Step in the Name of Change”? “Your Obama’s Calling”? “(Inauguration) Fiesta”? “(Michelle’s) In the (White House) Kitchen”? Kells hasn’t been the same since they put him through that awful trial. Just not the same. [YouTube]