The highlight of today’s otherwise dull WSJ article about the failure of Chinese Democracy is this bit, which expands on how the album will be marketed to strip joints: “While “Chinese Democracy” has failed to catch on with radio stations, Mr. Rose’s record company is betting on a heavy rotation of another sort to boost sales. Two cuts from the album were included in StripJoints, a CD compilation packaged with Exotic Dancer magazine that went out to 2,500 sexually oriented clubs.” Apparently, space on this disc (which I cannot find much information about) can be purchased, so it may be flawed as far as its ability to accurately reflect the stripper-pole soundtrack. Is there a chart for that sort of airplay? Can we start one, even if Nickelback will likely end up as its Beatles? As someone who doesn’t hang out in adult entertainment venues, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of info here. [WSJ]