Mike Piazza Still Can’t Understand Why Axl Rose Kept Snubbing The Mets Back In The Day

noah | December 17, 2008 12:00 pm

OK so this is pretty much the perfect Idolator item: Former Met catcher Mike Piazza visits VH1 Classic’s The Metal Show and recalls his time at Guns N’ Roses 2002 concert in New York, a show that was marked by Axl Rose, during his show-long tour through the local team’s sports jerseys, not wearing one of his jerseys but wore one in honor of Derek Jeter. So he confronts Axl! While drunk! And… then the next day the band’s show in Philadelphia got canceled. Coincidence???? (Unfortunately, because VH1’s embed policies are annoying, you have to skip over the pointless “sizzle reel,” then fast-forward to the 4:52 mark of the clip that follows, to get to Piazza’s appearance. I guess whatever pumps up your stream-counts in these tough times, right, Viacom?) [VH1]