What Was The First Song You Heard In 2009?

noah | January 1, 2009 10:00 am

A possibly heartwarming illustrative anecdote awaits you after the jump!

Last night a friend and I had a late (11 p.m. reservation!) dinner at a fine NYC establishment that, while it had fantastic food (pork belly! short ribs! this dark chocolate-passion fruit sorbet that I want to try to reverse engineer in my KitchenAid!), possessed one fatal flaw: The music playing was by The Doors. Yes, those freaking Doors. I was sort of unnerved by this, because, well, the Doors are probably one of my least favorite bands ever. But! The music was silenced for the countdown to midnight, and right after that was done, this track kicked in:

A positive sign? Sure, in that I like the Who OK and, hey, they’re not the Doors. Could it have revealed the difference between a crappy 2008 and an at-worst-tolerable 2009? Perhaps! Either way, it gives me an excuse to post one of the best YouTube clips of all time:

Happy new year! Feel free to share the first non-“Auld Lang Syne” song you heard below.

Won’t Get Fooled Again [YouTube]CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One Liners [YouTube]