Would You Be Willing To Get Arrested Over Phil Collins?

Dan Gibson | January 2, 2009 12:00 pm

While Maura’s favorite sport seems to have its fair share of music related content, my deep love of soccer doesn’t seem to work its way into posts too often. But thanks to Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard’s Monday arrest in a Southport, England, bar, my dream of melding my two ridiculous passions into one post has come true!

I mean, there’s not much news in Gerrard’s arrest for a fracas with a nightclub DJ, despite my desire as a Chelsea fan for him to be locked up until June or so. But look at what the fight was over! It seems Steven wanted the DJ to put on something by his favorite artist, and the DJ refused.

One report suggested Gerrard and a group of his friends were involved in an altercation after the man refused to allow them to choose the songs played on the venue’s sound system. Gerrard is a big fan of Phil Collins and counts the singer’s greatest hits as his favourite album. He is also partial to Coldplay.

I’m not entirely sure what the Coldplay reference was thrown in, except for the article’s author to have an opportunity to reiterate that Gerrard’s taste sucks, but I just can’t imagine what amount of alcohol it would take to have me ready to break a bottle over my inability to hear “One More Night.”Guess I should wait to hear… wait for it… “Both Sides of the Story”.

That being said, nothing will ever diminish my love for “Easy Lover”:

While it doesn’t relate to the post except under the most tangential of circumstances, here’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s take on “Sussudio”, although I’m not entirely sure he was aware of what was going on.

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