Lil Wayne Visits The Wrong “1st And Ten,” Makes A Super Bowl Prediction

Lucas Jensen | January 7, 2009 10:30 am

I was kinda hoping that Lil Wayne was making an appearance on HBO’s dearly departed* First & Ten, but, sadly, no. Instead, the surprise Packers fan (I would have pegged him for a Saints man) recently appeared on ESPN’s 1st and Ten to match wits with the witless Skip Bayless (“I’m about to change your nickname from Weezy to Queasy”; he also fawned over Tha Carter III, comparing it to Purple Rain). The introduction mined new levels of awkwardness, but overall the exchange was fairly insightful, with Lil Wayne offering up his Super Bowl picks and a Tim Tebow impersonation.

As far as the Super Bowl goes, Wayne likes the Baltimore Ravens over the Philadelphia Eagles. Not too shabby. I think both are dark horses right now, and I’ve got a feeling that the Eagles might get it done against the Giants, particularly with Asante Samuel looking like he’s out for blood. The Eagles are playing well right now, but I see them stumbling somewhere along the way, as Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are wont to do, and I see that stumble coming against Carolina. The Ravens’ defense has covered up some weak QB play from Joe Flacco, and it’s not like Tennessee and Pittsburgh don’t have stout defenses. The Chargers had their moment of achievement.

I say Pittsburgh and Carolina in the Super Bowl with Carolina taking it, but it’s really pretty up in the air. I just wish my beloved Falcs were in there. Sigh.

Where was I? Oh, yeah! Lil Wayne. He likes football. And sportscasters are dorks.

Lil Wayne Makes A Super Bowl Pick, Talks Grillz On ESPN’s ‘1st And Ten’ [MTV]

* This is probably the first place I saw a naked human female breast.