All That They Needed Was A Cruise: New Kids On The Block To Set Sail With Their Fans

noah | January 13, 2009 3:00 am

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the New Kids On The Block‘s upcoming “concert cruise,” in which the Beantown boys will perform, meet and greet fans, and serve pina coladas for the lucky fans on board. (No, really.) “Our manager tells us this is not a cheesy thing, this is not a step back,” Joey McIntyre says in the slightly chaotic video announcing the enterprise. Um, OK!

Details on the cruise itself are scant because the band’s official site is totally getting slammed by this news, but there is that video and it’s probably worth watching, since it also promises seminars about the proper etiquette for meeting bands on buses (Rock Of Love Bus I guess isn’t cutting it?) and light rigging. While it doesn’t get so wild to suggest that Donnie Wahlberg will also provide a demonstration of in-room pyrotechnics, it does make one wonder if all the boys are either taking their anti-seasickness meds early or already drunk on the possibility of playing pirate somewhere between the boat’s Fort Lauderdale port of call and the Bahamas. [Official site]