David Lee Roth + Microsoft’s Somewhat Wonky Songwriting Technology = The Future Of Music

Lucas Jensen | January 15, 2009 1:30 am

There are some real Val Kilmer-style geniuses out there on the Google and the YouTubes, and mrzarquon is one of them. This dude took the David Lee Roth a capella version of “Runnin’ With The Devil” and ran it through Microsoft’s super-goofy-looking new program Songsmith, an experimental endeavor that takes your execrable singing and follows along, gussying it up with sub-Mario Paint backing tracks for musical magic.

Songsmith placed Diamond Dave’s vocals slightly off from the me-on-my-Casio-in-1985 background, creating a syncopated feel that gives it a “bad dub” vibe according to the creator. Though I think that description gives “bad dub” a bad name. To me, it’s more like tepid indietronica with a crazy man gone faux-reggae on top. I am going to make 20 albums using this once a Mac version is relased. Also, I will give a virtual high five to the first person to use this thing with that Smash Mouth vocal take.

I did some YouTube searching and found some other Songsmith experiments:

The Doobies’ “Long Train Runnin'” might actually be better.

What’s going on with this version of “What’s Going On?” How about hitting some really bum chords?

Also, has Microsoft ever made a good promo video?

(I never get tired of this.)

Runnin’ With The Songsmith’ [Metafilter Music; HT Jon Williams]