Bettye LaVette And Jon Bon Jovi Have A Nice (Pre-Inauguration) Day

noah | January 19, 2009 10:30 am
So yesterday was the big Obamabration on the National Mall, and to celebrate the looming inauguration of this country’s brand-new president, you had your artists subtly reminding the American public that they had new albums on the horizon and that they could bring hope back to the music industry if they actually purchased said products, as well as your now de rigeur sighting. But by far the strangest bit was when Bettye LaVette and Jon Bon Jovi took on Sam Cooke’s stone classic “A Change Is Gonna Come,” which was not odd for the song choice as much as it was for JBJ getting kind of creamed by Bettye on the song’s vocal track. (Seriously, Jon: Stick with country as your crossover genre of choice.) Cleanse your palate with Mary J. Blige busting out “Lean On Me” after the jump.

Jon Bon Jovi & Bettye LaVette at Inaugural Celebration [YouTube] Mary J. Blige – Lean On Me [YouTube] What You Didn’t See On-Camera at the HBO Concert [Daily Intel]