Thom Yorke’s Taste In Music Gets Made More Mainstream By The Man

noah | January 19, 2009 4:00 am

So, a new version of Thom Yorke’s Grammy ad, which crafts a mosaic of the Radiohead frontman’s face from the titles of various songs that have influenced him, is out there, and keen-eyed viewers will notice a few key differences between the initial print (at left, as sourced from Pop & Hiss last Tuesday) and this iteration, which is being rolled out with a TV spot in which Yorke talks about his dreams of becoming David Bowie someday. Let’s play a little game of “catch the edits,” shall we?

Autechre gets removed from Yorke’s right chest in favor of David Bowie! Scott Walker shoved off Yorke’s left shoulder to make way for the Rolling Stones! At least he still has Bjork on the brain, but really—oh, Grammy, even when you try to be “with it” and “down” you need to make your Old Guard-praising ways known, don’t you.

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(NB: This kind of locks up the whole theory that In Rainbows is going to fall to Raising Sand in Album Of The Year, doesn’t it.)