Animal Collective Fans: They’ll Go After You (So Don’t Eff With Them)

Lucas Jensen | January 22, 2009 4:30 am

Admission: I’m an Animal Collective fan at Yep. I’m a real bro’s bro. I know we are hated around these parts, and I tend to keep my mouth shut when Maura is on one of her rants about them. She seems to think that AC fans are uniformly crazy, and I’ve been defending them, saying not all of us are crazy, and some of us are quite nice, I swear, and just give us a chance. Well, after today’s foofaraw in the weird, wild world of Brooklyn Vegan’s comments section, I’m beginning to think maybe she has a point. Just look at the case of one Seth [last name redacted because we aren’t jerks], who felt the wrath of the mouth-breathing Animal Collective faithful.

There was some bad shit going down with counterfeit tickets at the Bowery show. As I was going in some people got stopped when the guy scanned their tickets. He asked them if they’d bought them from a guy (he said his name, but I can’t remember what it was) on Craigslist for $100 (!) and they said yes. He said they were the tenth people that night who’d got caught in the same scam. So someone out there made a LOT of money from last night’s show.

Uh-oh! Sounds like trouble in paradise and a major bummer! Anonymous, part deux, also got jobbed… and this time he has a name:

Yeah, I unfortunately bought them. The name on the ticket was Seth [redacted]. By the time I got there they said it was over 20 people who got turned away

I’m not as mad about my money (well I really am) but the fact that the band didn’t get any of it.

Seth’s been a bad boy! And isn’t it charming how this guy really just cares about the band, not his own loss of money? Oh, wait. Never mind. He is mad about the money. Or something.

mp77 chimes in with a reasonable argument:

I heard about that ticket scam, sucks for those people, but I do question who thinks buying a scalped e-ticket is a good idea in the first place.

…but the mob is readying its pitchforks! Another anonymous:

That sucks about that scam – any way we find out this guy and fuck him up?

joe finds a way:

hhaha that dude seth [redacted] tried to sell me tickets but i caught him scamming and told him to fuck off. [phone number redacted] thats his phone number [email redacted] thats his email search him on facebook too and spam his ass. DONT FUCK WITH ANIMAL COLLECTIVE FANS

Wow. All of Maura’s worst suspicions, confirmed in that final sentence from joe. Are AC shows gonna turn into Dead shows when the frat boys started coming? Eesh.

There’s more! Another anonymous is getting litigious:

Thanks joe, unfortunately not everyone was as diligent as you. Good thing at least some people didn’t get scammed. Does anyone know the manager or promoter so this info can be forwarded on so they can take this dude to court?

jeff doucette crosses various lines here:

Seth [redacted]. Haaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid went to UPenn…he works at [business name redacted] on E 11th St.

[business name redacted]

[address redacted] New York, NY 10009 United States

PH: [phone number redacted]

Seth’s cell, as someone posted already, is [phone number redacted]


[email addresses redacted]

he also uses [redacted] as his ID for everything.

I think he lives in TriBeCa somewhere.

Anonymous 3:41 really has the NYPD’s priorities out of whack:

I cannot believe this Seth dude is stupid enough to actually pull this scam and think he could get away with it. In all probability this could land him in jail, I bet Police have already questioned him.

Uh, right, 3:41. A few voices of reason percolate near the end:

I’m not Seth, don’t know him….I swear. But, What if he sold them to the dude who scammed you all? Never, ever buy these ticketfast tickets from CL.

I agree with whoever made the point that Seth sold that ticket to someone, and then that someone perpetrated the scam. I think seth is an IDIOT for selling a ticketfast ticket, but I highly doubt he’s the scammer

Whatever, dudes, you don’t eff with Animal Collective fans! The mob cries “vendetta!”

Has anyone filed a police report yet? A buddy of mine got scammed by this guy & has had no luck reaching him. He tried calling both offices where he used to work, but this kid no longer works at either place.

You have to call the police, call the precint where Bowery is located I dont know which number it is, most likely its already being investigated. You will probably have to go down there and file a police report.

My take? It’s Craigslist! If you didn’t want to be scammed then don’t use it. It’s like the Wild West in there. Posting people’s personal information? Hmm. A tad gauche, if you ask me. Also, slap a big [sic] all over this story, okay?

Animal Collective @ Grand Ballroom – NYC – pics [Brooklyn Vegan via nervousacid]