Mick Harvey Quits The Bad Seeds

Lucas Jensen | January 22, 2009 5:30 am
Just wanted to chime in with my disappointment at the news of the departure of Mick Harvey from Nick Cave’s ace backing band, The Bad Seeds. It stung when Blixa Bargeld left in 2003, but this one really hurts.

Harvey’s been involved since the beginning, and he’s always been a stolid live presence in what (to my mind) is the greatest, most tasteful backing band around. Plus, Warren Ellis has been nothing but a glory hog (and an oft out-of-tune one at that) since his admittance to the band, and Harvey’s departure swings the balance more in his favor. Yuck. One thing that’s always been undersold about Harvey, beyond his presence as a nimble sideman, is his managerial role in the Nick Cave camp, which is just now coming to light based on his statement. I’ve heard from folks over the years that he’s been a consiglieri to Cave—operating the business side of things and managing their myriad projects with a deft hand, particularly during the not-so-sober days of The Birthday Party. In fact, despite the departure, Harvey is hard at work on the long-overdue fancypants reissues of the early Bad Seeds work. Anyway, it’s sad to see him go, but he’s always up to some good. Harvey’s always had plenty on his plate, what with Crime and the City Solution, solo records, scoring movies, working with the other Harvey (PJ… no relation), etc., etc.

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